Should the obligation of double military duty be removed for EU citizens who hold the citizenship of two EU Member States?


An increasing number of European citizens hold dual citizenship in two EU Member States. Due to the growing geopolitical strain and Russia's unjustified war in Ukraine, some European countries are reintroducing or activating military service for their citizens. The rules of military service vary from country to country. Holders of dual EU citizenship may be subject to military service in two different EU Member States.


This could allow European citizens holding dual citizenship to choose to fulfil the military service requirements in one EU Member State. By doing so, they can contribute to ensuring the Union’s defence capabilities while devoting the rest of their time and efforts to strengthening Europe’s economy, innovation capacities, and civic resilience, just like other EU citizens.


It can also be argued that dual citizenship entails double privilege and hence warrants requiring a commensurate commitment to civic duties imposed by both countries.