Should partnerships and marriages of (rainbow) families be automatically recognized within the EU?


The EU legal framework does not provide EU-wide legal protection for the families of same-sex partners. There are still EU Member States where registering same-sex partnerships is not possible. (1.)

The lack of tolerance and legal protection of people and families due to their sexual orientation runs contrary to EU values. It also carries high human and economic costs for the EU. Such policies lead to involuntary migration: LGBTIQ people and same-sex couples leave to form families in countries where their families are legally protected.

To ensure the equality of EU citizens, the EU could create a legally binding arrangement of automatic mutual recognition of partnerships and marriages of (rainbow) families within the EU.


Implementing this fundamental right throughout the EU will promote feelings of fairness, dignity, and equality among EU citizens. It will provide better opportunities for a wider range of EU citizens.


There are diverse arguments against the recognition of the families of same-sex partners. For example, the Catholic Church maintains the view that marriage is exclusively a union between a man and a woman. (2.)


  2. Pope Francis responds to dubia submitted by five cardinals,