EU mobile citizens should be a part of democratic processes

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We urge all European Union (EU) election candidates to recognize the importance of including the 11 to 15 million EU mobile citizens in democratic processes. Read the full pledge and become a civil society supporter!

The Pledge

As a candidate for the future European Parliament, I commit to supporting EU mobile citizens. If elected:

I will work to secure political rights and services for EU citizens living outside their home countries within the EU.

I will commit to policy measures that strengthen and protect a safe and open space for civil society, so that it can thrive and keep on meaningfully contributing to European societies and democracies.

I will advocate for increased political participation of mobile citizens in all levels of elections, both as voters and potential representatives.

I aim to remove existing barriers to free movement and justice for EU citizens.

I will improve access to high-quality education by eliminating geographical obstacles to academic qualifications and national language resources within the EU.

I support the removal of unnecessary bureaucratic procedures caused by national borders within the EU.